For Field Phones EE-8 & EE-91

And BD-71-72 Switchboards






New Folding Cranks


New Folding Crank GN-38 Generator EE-8 Field Telephone


These folding cranks fit GN-38 and similar

field phone and switchboard magnetos.


Brand-new old stock, brass and Bakelite construction.

Handle is spring-loaded to fold back automatically.

They are exact replacements for GC-9 Cranks.


$3.50 each, postage extra.




GC-9 Cranks


GC-9 Crank EE-8 Field Telephone


These original GC-9 folding cranks will fit

 field phones using GN-38 and similar generators.


Used, but will spring back to "folded position,"

and, will match the patina of your vintage Field Phone.


$2.50 each, postage extra.




GC-11 Fixed Crank


GC-11 Crank EE-91 Artillery Telephone



Fit EE-91 and Similar Phones

That Use Fixed Cranks.

Used, Good Condition.


$3.50 each, postage extra.




GC-12 Switchboard Operator's Crank

GC-12 Crank BD-71 and BD-72 Switchboard


GC-12 Generator Crank Handle

Folds Back to Storage Position.

Used, Good Condition.


$3.50 each, postage extra




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