Only $45 Each, Plus Postage

The EXTENSICORD is a braided, retractable handset cord that was used exclusively by Automatic Electric Company, mostly on their beautiful color telephones of the 1930's through 1950's era. No restoration or re-creation of an early AE color phone is complete without one of these beautiful cords.

We have procured a small supply of original EXTENSICORDS that were hermetically sealed in 1957 by the US Military. Thus, they remain in literally "mint" condition:


Automatic Electric Extensicord

Even the original paper nametags remain perfectly intact:

     Extensicord Tag, Front View            Extensicord Tag Rear View


While our diminishing supply lasts, you can order these beautiful cords for just $45 plus postage from VTS Industrial Company. Send check or money order to the address below, or pay conveniently on-line at PayPal using our email as Account Recipient. Order your EXTENSICORD now.


PO Box 429

Salome, AZ 85348-0429

(928) 859-3595


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